Terms & Conditions



Online Bookings


We are delighted to offer the ability to make an online reservation for open play. Please note, by making an online reservation, you agree to the terms of service of this feature. The entire terms of service is available when making your reservation, however, these are a few of the important points;

  1. All reservations require payment in full. MC/VISA/AMEX are accepted.
  2. A reservation can not be cancelled once made. To change a reservation prior to the booked time, please contact Wyncity Bowl and Entertainment by email found on your reservation confirmation.
  3. If you only book your lane for one hour of bowling, and after arriving you decide you want to extend your visit, you may not be able to extend your experience if there is another reservation or a waiting list.
  4. Reservations made online may not be combined with other discounts on-site, including but not limited to “buy one, get one” type of offers.
  5. Any discounts automatically applied by the reservation system are only valid for the date and time selected. Changing your reservation to a different date and time will void any discounts applied.
  6. A confirmation will be automatically generated by the system. Please present this confirmation when you check-in. Also, as a reminder, if you are making this reservation from your place of work, please make certain that you set @wyncity.com.au to your “safe senders” list in your email program, as certain business spam filters may flag your confirmation as spam.
  7. All tickets purchased via this Website are non-refundable and are not available for exchange, unless required by law.


Current Promotions

 Lucky Ticket (Wyn & Wyn)

  • Number cards must be brought to the front counter to claim tickets
  • You must had back your winning number when claiming tickets
  • Tickets will be loaded on the play card of your choice
  • Not all plush tickets have a lucky number on them
  • participating plush machines only 

Double Dollar

  • Available online only
  • Card must be activated in store before May 26th
  • Any cards purchased during the double dollars weekend but activated in store after may 26th will receive normal load bonus, not double value

Leagues and Tournaments

  • All advertised prize money for tournaments and leagues are based and forecasted on expected participation – Actual prize money paid out may vary depending on participation numbers




  • Party Check-In is 10 minutes prior to your booked time, as per stated on your confirmation email
  • Minimum of 10 children per booking
  • Payment in full will be required at the time of booking. (Play Card and vouchers not accepted)
  • Parental supervision is compulsory
  • All party packages include a Wyncity Party Host
  • Booking will only be secured with a 100% payment
  • Payment in full, will be required at the time of booking online
  • Any add-ons or modifications to your booking, requires payments in full before the day of the party
  • Balloons permitted in-center. No party poppers or piñatas. Contact the party coordinators via. email for any specific decorations requests for you to bring in-centre
  • Dodgems are not included in any of the party packages
  • Strictly no BYO food or drinks. Birthday cake and candles permitted.
  • Private Party Room available upon email request and availability – additional fee applies
  • All food, drinks, and cake will be served at the party table
  • Please advise of any dietary requirements at the time of booking or through email
  • Children are permitted to bowl in their own shoes – as long as they are closed toe shoes
  • No thongs or open-toe shoes permitted in Laser tag
  • All party packages include bottomless cordial for the children (and of course water too!)
  • No prizes or extra points can be won with the Party Timed Arcade Card.
  • Guardian may be required to assist with handwashing prior to food being served
  • Please enquire with party coordinators via email for extra information not included in the T&C’s and FAQ’s
  • Cancellations, reschedules or refunds are provided when changes are due to government regulated restrictions or controls imposed on the customer
  • Upon booking in your party, the maximum amount of additional children we can add on is 5 (the party coordinators must approve of any modifications to your booking, through a confirmation email)
  • What to do when you miss the platters ‘5 day’ notice for pre-ordering?
  • Pizzas and group eats can be ordered from our menu on the day. For a list of these, please email the party coordinators or view our menu.
  • *These items ordered on the day cannot be requested to be brought out at a specific time, simply made when ready. Items not pre-ordered will have to be collected by the paying guest, not the party host.

Birthday parties that are cancelled 15 days or more prior to the party;

A change of date, or a Wyncity credit will be issued to the full value of the party. You have up to 3 years to use this credit

OR, a refund on request that will be issued back via the same method of original payment

Birthday parties that are cancelled with less than 14 days leading up to your birthday party;
a. The balance will be transferred onto your Wyncity account, which can then be used at a later date for anything within the venue (Bowling, Laser Tag, Dodgem Cars, Arcade Games, Cafe, Restaurant, Bar)

On the day of the party, if less children arrive than your original numbers, your party can still go ahead. However, we still require the minimum of 10.
a. (For example. if you purchase a party package for 12 children, and 3 do not attend, the money spent for the package for the three children can then go onto your account, to be spent at a later date)




Booking and Securing your Booking. Prepayment

  • To confirm a booking and to ensure your spot is held and secured, a 50% deposit must be paid and received. If the deposit has not been paid, your booking will not be put into the reservation system and the venue reserves the right to have the spot available to other customers. Deposits can be paid via direct deposit, credit card, EFTPOS or cash

Confirmation and Final Payment

  • All details and confirmed number of guests is required a at the time of booking, with final variations permitted a minimum of 7 days before your function date. Once all details and numbers are confirmed, a full prepayment is required a minimum of 7 days prior to your function. The venue will then plan and prepare to this final confirmation. Beverage tabs can be paid in advance or at the completion of your function, but a credit card will need to be held onto by the staff
  • If you have any additional guests after the final confirmation, you must notify the functions manager and get approval. This decision will be made on reasonable grounds which can include capacity and supply limitations. Any additional guests must be paid for in advance. Additional costs on the day of the function, must be paid at the conclusion of your function with the venue staff


Discounted Pricing/Quoted Prices

  • Your function may be eligible for discounted rates due to the number of guests or activities you enquired for. If your final details and guest confirmation is to a lower amount and doesn’t meet the discounted rates bracket, you will need to make up the difference between the prices
  • Prices quoted are based on the approximate guests attending the function. Should the final numbers decrease from the initial enquiry, the prices quoted may need to be designed and invoiced.



  • The confirmed numbers and details will be billed, as the business needs to order, plan and prepare according to this. If less numbers turn up on the day, the extra money can be used towards a drinks tab (or other services within Wyncity), or be loaded onto a Wyncity card to be used at a future date. No refunds are permitted after the final confirmation and payment



  • Please advise your guests to arrive 15 minutes early to ensure the event runs smoothly and on time
  • Bowling shoes are not required to be worn and casual shoes are permitted given its a closed toe shoe. High heels will not suffice
  • Bowling shoes are available free of charge for any guests not wearing appropriate footwear
  • We may ask for a list of attendees so that we can populate our systems with names to ensure a smoother operational flow to avoid time consuming elements of name gathering during the event.


Dietary Requirements

  • Please notify us of any dietary requirements at the point of booking, so we can plan and prepare accordingly. We take every precautionary measure when preparing special dietary requirements. Patrons requests will be catered for to the best of our ability, but the decision to consume a meal is the responsibility of the diner


Decoration and Set up

  • If you wish to decorate a function room for your visit, you must notify the functions manager and for it to be approved. The client may come up to 45 minutes prior to the function to decorate the room. Only 3M hooks and Blu Tac is allowed to be used on walls. If there is any damages to the walls, the host will be held responsible and will be required to pay an additional fee. Glitter and confetti is not permitted
  • If you wish to bring in any external suppliers, you must notify the functions manager and get approval. The venue will not be responsible for refusal if not notified
  • It is the customers responsibility that you bring all audio visual attachments and ensure your device works and can connect to our accessories



  • Externally brought in microphone or speaker systems are not permitted to use within Wyncity. The venue has a sound bar in The George Room which guests are welcome to use. The entirety of the venue has a music system which the business reserves the right to control the genre of music for all patrons. You must get approval from the functions manager of any equipment you wish to bring in. Wyncity reserves the right to refuse use of any devices that don’t meet their policy



  • No food or beverage of any kind is permitted to be brought into the venue for consumption at a function by the host with the exception of a celebratory cake, which the host has got permission from the functions manager.


Damage to the property

  • The client will be responsible for any damages, breakage, vandalism or theft that is sustained to the function space or venue caused by any guests.
  • The client will be liable for any costs associated to repairs or replacement




  • Wyncity practices responsible service of alcohol to ensure a safe environment for its staff, patrons and community. The venue will not be liable in any loss of experience if responsible service of alcohol measures need to be enforced in accordance with the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998. The client agrees to conduct the function and its guests in an orderly manner